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Virtual Flat Rate Books - With Your Existing Pricing System.

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If your flat rate books are set up properly, your prices should be based on your current costs and, whenever possible, your desired profit.  Costs change everyday, whether it's the price of gas going up, copper, insurance, etc. it is essential for you to keep adjusting your prices accordingly.  Most owners don't and then wonder why they are not making a decent profit, even when they are busy.


The main reason why books are not printed regularly is cost and convenience.  Depending on the amount of techs you have, the cost for printing full color pricing books can be high, as well as the effort required to get them printed and bound right, the first time.


Now you can change your pricing as often as needed and then access the books instantly through our software.  No printing, no effort, just up to date pricing instantly at your fingertips.


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