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Simultaneous Users (maximum amount at any one time)

1st user:


Portal & account one time setup fee:$69.95


Included with your fee.


Your Web Portal:  Providing any authorized employee access to your company database anywhere, anytime.


CKS Admin: Full autonomy on the creation and maintenance of your scripts, procedures, knowledge base, etc.


CKS Hindsight: Access to specific details in regards to all facets of your company with graphical interface.


Pricing and absolutely positively no contracts.

We are so convinced of the value CKS will provide your company that we elected to offer our subscriptions WITHOUT any CONTRACTS.  In the event you decide to stop using CKS, all you need to do is let us know 10 days prior to your billing cycle and we will stop your recurring charge.


The impact of treating information as an asset will be as substantial to your company as when technology was introduced to your operations.  You would never dream of going back to a paper and pen environment, without access to computers, emails, the internet, etc.


After a few days, CKS will be added to that list of indispensable resources and our "contract" will be based on mutual satisfaction, ours stemming from your continued patronage and yours from an increasingly valuable knowledge base available to all your employees.  Those are the type of "contracts" that usually last.

2nd user:


additional users:

$59.95 each/month


One Software


MANY Applications


Same Price

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