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CKS Overview

  • CKS Overview

    CKS offers companies the ability to provide  employees with up to date job critical information in real time, regardless of location.   Designed for your CSRs, the application has since evolved to become a customizable hub of company procedures and task related data accessible from anywhere.

  • CSR Front End

    Enhance your company's credibility, consistency and professionalism by providing the customer with optimal responses with call scripts.  Any product, service or support based query will be dealt with successfully no matter who answers your phone or how much experience they have.

  • Technician Assistant

    Give your technician the benefit of your experience and expertise by providing access to step by step instructions as well as all the relevant information they need do the job right the first time.  Increase the sale of peripheral products and services as well as customer satisfaction.

  • Company Knowledge Base

    Centralize all of your essential company information in one place for all employees.  Provide access to training documents, videos, audio files, flat rate pricing systems, employee manuals and any other information you deem essential for the well-being of your operations.

  • Owner's Intelligence Briefing

    Get a perspective of your business like never before.  Track employee performance, marketing results, call statistics, technician ratings and get back the information you NEED with Common Knowledge Software.  When making those important decisions, never be left in the dark again.

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